First New Blog Post

I cannot say that I have never blogged before, I once had a blog on another platform, but that relationship was not working out so well. Therefore, most of my writing has either never been put out there for the entire world to see, or was on the other platform, unless a person counts Facebook posts. I do not profess being a scholar an author and I am not a literary major. This has been a great learning experience and a new adventure. So not to bore any readers that may decide to follow my blog, I will take great effort to keep the topics and content interesting and hope my imagination creates relevant images to add. I NEED to mention that there is no defined theme to my blog either.

It is not my intentions to post about being some type of crafting mom with wonderful activities for the little kids, there are plenty of blogs themed on that. Besides my kids are grown adults and gone doing their own thing. I am not an inventive cook who is on a budget and can post 10001 gourmet meals made with ramen noodles. Gross, my days of eating ramen noodles are behind me if I ever have to resort to adding in my menu planning then I will do something about that, in the meantime everyone should know I do not cook my husband does that, I would rather wash dishes. Nor will there be posts to help you organize your closet using old cereal boxes. Organized individuals are born that way, look around yourself do you look organized? If the answer is yes, then I say hello to one of my fellow kind. If the answer is no it is okay, maybe you have small kids, or that is how your brain works, and as long as you are happy, it is fine. I figure my posts will be whatever I feel might need to be said (there is plenty to be said now days) or maybe I want to share something that is happening from my viewpoint, or from my life experiences.

My intention is to make my blog dedicated as an informative form of entertainment purpose with some positive elements alongside a few negative twists with hopes of even enlightening one’s mind with thought-provoking information. At the same time it might help change the world…..One never knows what can happen when they decide Some Things Just Need to Be Said!


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