Loopholes or Snares

As of the 20th of January, Trump will have been in office for one year and I still do not understand. How did someone who has no political background, no respect for anyone or anything; no foreign diplomatic experience, no scruples, and no professionalism become the chief? There had to be a loophole in the Presidential application.

Trump supporters shout that he has done so much for our country. I say like what? Tax cuts, sure that was just done, and it sounds great on paper (if you have time to read it) and it is the first major tax overhaul in almost 30 years. However, there are many hidden loopholes that help some in a high-income bracket and the rest can just suffer. Trump repealed the individual mandate for Obama-Care, but that does not take effect until 2019.

Trump nominated, and the U.S. Senate confirmed Justice Neil Gorsuch, the only decent thing that has happened.

Trump officially set a record for the most federal appellate judges appointed during the first year of a presidency, with 19. That is more than any other president before him. Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy jointly held the record with 12. Well is that not part of his job? He has opened the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil drilling. It will take time to see the repercussions from that. Trump made cracking down on illegal immigration the centerpiece of his campaign, granted illegal immigration is down by 23%, after all who wants to come to a country amongst the threats of nuclear war. The sad part is nuclear war will destroy everyone eventually does not matter what country.

It seems that no matter what Trump does there is always some loophole, gap, excuse, justification, or he just flat out lies about what he did or did not do.

With everything that has taken place all the loopholes should have been snares that by legal law should have Trump impeached and put in prison, I am sure he will make friends there. Some Things Just Need To Be Said

via Daily Prompt: Loophole


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