Incomprehensible Mysteries

In a world full of incomprehensible mysteries and unexplainable events. History shows how humans keep taking two steps forward and then one step backwards. I believe it is because of this repeated process that some of the human world have a perplexing lack of understanding.

Most recent written and verbal notices given to a certain individual told them they were not welcome in a certain place (country). These notices made it very clear for them not to come. Yet that individual with their immeasurable lack of thought or awareness of others went anyway. I find that type of mindset inscrutable and I am pretty much accepting of the mysterious and unexplainable.

Being raised with bedtime stories and fairytales of things that most would deny existence of. However, not long ago I got to experience the sighting of a mysterious creature that only lived in fairytales. If it had not been for the modern technology and my desire to explore, I would have missed out on an enlightening moment.

Do you see
Now do you see

With this proof there are individuals just like the before mentioned, that will move about the land with an impenetrable lack of understanding for the world around them.


via Daily Prompt: Inscrutable


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