Daily Prompt: Encrusted

pexels-photo-236110.jpegWe start this life as a clean slate, without prejudgment or prejudice for anything or anyone. Free to learn and feel what is natural, the way nature intended us to be. Then we grow and learn about things taught to us, whether it be from those that raise us or from our surroundings.

We learn the basics first and grow from there. We learn love and acceptance, but we also learn hate and bigotry. Some of us grow to become encrusted with so much love and acceptance, that we in turn put forth the same love and acceptance towards others. However, some of us become encrusted with hate and bigotry and inflict it towards others.

Anyone who watches the news or reads a newspaper can see the actions of both love and hate. Some would say it is balance but is it really balanced? Look yourself in the eye and ask yourself, “What am I encrusted with”? if you love the answer then go forth in life. On the other hand, if the answer is not of your liking then change, learn new, put forth into this life what you want back.


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