Pro Trump “NOT”

Someone asked me what I thought about Trump and the fantastic job he was doing. I about fell off the chair I was sitting on. My polite answer was “He is the biggest idiot, un-presidential egomaniac I have ever seen”. They said, “so you are not for Trump, you must be for Hillary”. Well, no I am not for Hillary either. As the conversation went on it was very clear this person thinks Trump is the greatest thing that ever happened to our country and I knew the conversation was heading in the wrong direction. Therefore, I stopped talking and bit my tongue. Due to this conversation I have a few things I need to speak about and get off my chest.

If anyone thinks Trump is the greatest President, this country has had then tell me why you think that. Give me facts that prove this person should be in the position he is, to be in control of our futures, our lives, and to hold the title of President. What has Trump really done good for our country? Here are some of the things I see he has done along with statements he has said that I feel we the people should remove him from office.

I know Trump made some unorthodox statements while campaigning such as refusing to take vacations. Well what is he doing in Key largo all the time and who is flipping the bill for those trips. If you said the hard-working tax paying American, then you are right. It is our money that pays the secret service men appointed to him and his family. We pay for the cost of his use of Air Force One along with everything else he does. Some say he has this country saying “Merry Christmas” again, well it was never a law not to say “Merry Christmas”. Now granted he did make pledges that are conventional and the same as any other politician would make, such as a promise to cut taxes and fight terrorists. Let us explore a few of Trump’s campaign promises.

  • He said he was going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. That is like telling your neighbor whose kids and pets keep coming in your yard, that you are going to put up a fence but make them pay for it. How would your neighbor take it? I know mine would just laugh at me and say “yeah right, sure I am going to pay for your fence. NOT”
  • Banning Muslims from entering the United States, well then there needs to be a ban on Germans, Chinese, Romanians, Russians, and any other foreign person.
  • He wants to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States, that is wonderful but where is the money for this to happen coming from. Most of these manufacturing companies moved to another country because of the cost savings.
  • He wants to (oops he has) impose tariffs on goods coming from Mexico and China. Well the wall should stop most products we use everyday coming from Mexico, such as most fruits and vegetables. And who needs goods coming from China, we can go without those goods and start buying those same goods right here in the United States, it may cost us twice as much but oh well Trump says he is making America great.
  • The withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement. What do you the people of the United States think that will do for us? Our country exports a lot of goods to other countries, such as grain and potatoes. I guess the real American this will hurt will be the American Farmer. Glad I know how to grow my own food.
  • Did his repeal of Obamacare help you? Did a market-based plan help you? I know for my family we did not save anything; our medical insurance is still outrageously priced, and we get very little coverage.

I could go on for days exploring the Trump changes to our country and the lack of thought he has put into those changes, but then I would start to feel like a dog chasing their tail. Dog_Chasing_Tail

When Trump says he is going to do something he says it in a vague manner, so he always has an out for not following through. Studies have shown “Voters generally do not punish candidates for being vague, and actually prefer the ambiguous promises over precise ones.” This allows voters to see what they want to see. Trump put it clear in a statement that “Everything is negotiable.” To me that means the people of the United States are something he can use as negotiating pieces in his game. He did use and is still using the lives of individuals that were brought to the United State illegally by their parents. Like those Dreamers as they are called had a choice. When you were a kid how much say did you have when your parent took you someplace. And yes, those kids could have applied for citizenship once they reach legal age but where would they have gotten the money to pay for the costs involved in that process. On top of that, these kids were raised, not to trust the United States government. Now Trump has shown why they should not trust the government, after all the voice of the majority does not work here anymore. We have a person sitting in the top seat of our country that uses peoples lives to get what he wants. Everything Trump does is only to benefit himself in some way, take his tax cuts for example.

While these tax cuts seem enticing, his plan is going to add trillions to the federal debt. His tax plan of a 37 percent cut only benefits the top 1 percent, according to the Liberal Citizens for Tax Justice. The Tax Policy Center has calculated the average tax cuts for the rich and the very rich to be about $275,000 or right around 17 percent. Almost 20 percent or $1 million for those in the top 0.1 percent, you know those certain individuals making over $3 million. Meanwhile middle-income households, will only see around $3,000 less in taxes, which equals about a 5 percent reduction. Those making the least amount will see the least tax cut, they will only see about $130 or about a 1 percent cut in taxed income. This plan that Trump has put into place will increase the number of households paying no income tax at all from 70 million to 100 million. I am not even going to go into the reforms to the corporate tax code due to the fact I am a small business owner that in the Trump future I will no longer be, just because I am only a small business that the tax plan does not help. Trump’s plan will reduce federal revenues by at least $10 trillion over the next decade. That is less money to keep the doors of our government open and keep this country running. That means there must be huge spending cuts with in the government and that is going to lead to a collapse of our countries infrastructure. So, you may need to take a different route to work and learn how to dodge pot holes because there will be no money to fix the roads or bridges you travel on to get to work. While on the tax subject why has Trump not released his tax returns?

There is a promise Trump has reneged on. He has given so many excuses as to the reasoning, such as, he is going through and audited, Richard Nixon was being audited and was still able to release his income tax information. Maybe Trump is hiding something, after all he has tried to hide other things. He has said that “There’s nothing to learn from them.” On the contrary we might learn that he does not make has much money as he has said or makes more. But he is the type that if he made more he would have to brag about it. We might find out how much he really pays in taxes, which could be a large amount but then it could be very little or nothing. He boasts about how he gives to charity; his returns could show he only gives a small amount if any at all. The American people would learn which deductions and tax credits he uses, or the truth about his investments. His returns could reveal his business partners or who he owes money to. It would show what he writes off as business expenses and how much money he keeps in foreign accounts like in Russia. A few of the excuses he has given are that his taxes are not any different than others, I bet they are different than mine. I think the one excuse that shows that Trump thinks he is so smart even smarter than we the people, is the excuse that the American people “would not understand them. In my profession I deal with tax laws and tax forms, so I would understand them as would most and if we do not understand them we have the possibility of an IRS auditor explaining them in detail.

He even has family giving excuses as to why he should not release his taxes. Like the excuse that it would be “foolish” “there would be a bunch of people who know nothing about taxes trying to look through and trying to come up with assumptions on things that they know nothing about.” That statement just shows that Trump and his littles think the American people a stupid. Trump has gone on about the fact his tax returns is a 12,000-page tax return and would not make sense to open. That just sounds like a lot of pages, but it could take that many to hide whatever it is he is hiding. Then came the blame Clinton excuse in the fact that a lot of his write-offs have been depreciation which is a tax loophole and when Clinton was a senator some of those loopholes were close along with others that Trump may have used to pay no federal income taxes. Trump as more excuses than a zebra has stripes. pexels-photo-925898.jpeg

It is not just reporters that want his returns released but 75 percent of Americans and 50 percent of Republicans (His own party) want to see Trump’s returns. Has he stated in a damn tweet “Maybe I’ll release them after I’m finished, because I’m very proud of them actually. I did a good job.” (Most of his tweets, okay all of his tweets make him sound like a 5-year-old that just made it through the night without wetting the bed.) Two out of three voters now believe a law needs to be passed that requires future presidential candidates to release a few of their past tax returns. I totally agree. Trump will now be audited, every year as an IRS practice that was put in place in the 1970s, that must suck. Then there is his claim that he has a “bombshell” in his taxes and it is very complicated. I believe Trump has not paid federal income taxes for at least 10 to 15 years, maybe even more.

Everything Trump says or does it an indicator of his integrity and show what type of a person he is. If you had a person in your life who lies about everything to you, how long before you would no longer trust them? How about a person’s conduct, what does that say about them? During the presidential campaign, more than a dozen women accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. He called them liars and promised to sue the accusers after the election was over. There is a recording of Trump using vulgar terms about women. The conversation was caught on a hot microphone with him saying, “when you’re a star, they let you do it.” Why is it the other male individual involved has been held accountable for those comments, but Trump has not, what does that say to the American people? Trump says “The events never happened. Well if he has never shown sexual misconduct then why are there several women who have the same story of sexual misconduct. I believe that if you are caught on tape like that and then to have these women speak up, there must be a problem with your character and your integrity to lead a country. If he cannot be faithful to a spouse, then how can he be faithful to this country.

Trump needs removed from office due to the facts of how he has conducted himself, how he has belittled others, especially other country leaders, that is not presidential conduct, and he needs to be removed before he completely destroys our relationships with our allies and gets us bombed. Yes, our country has issues, but the way Trump is handling them is not a safe healthy way for this country. I say we the people of the United States of America need to stand together and have Trump impeached. I love my country and I love my life and I am not ready to have some arrogant egotistical hot head take that all way. We as a country should be working to bring about world peace not world destruction.

So what does this face say to you about where our country is going?

Photos by Gage Skidmore


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